Everything we know about the Apple Foldable Phone

Jake Ivan
By Jake Ivan
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You might have already heard or read about the all-new Apple Foldable Phone. It’s the buzz on the internet right now; however, there seems to be a lot of confusion among Apple fans about this brand new “rumored” product.

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Here’s everything we know about Apple’s new foldable phone.

According to multiple news sources related to technology, Apple is currently working on a foldable phone( or a device). Now, is the device going to give tough competition to other foldable phone manufacturers like Samsung and Google? Only time will tell.

From whatever we have gathered from the news, this new device is larger than a usual iPhone. Now, will it actually be a mobile phone, or is it similar to an iPad or a tablet? Is still unknown.

The same team that worked on the new Vision Pro has been employed to work on a few components for this device, and it seems like Apple is currently working on more than one such product. We personally think that this device will be a perfect fit in the Apple ecosystem.

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You know how frustrating it can be sometimes to work on a traditional workstation or a laptop. What if you wish you had something you could work on wherever you go? This new product might be a perfect fit for people belonging to such a profession.

Although Apple did not officially release any information regarding this device anywhere on the internet, we already know that they have been working on it for at least the last five years.

A news article that was released last year about Apple suspending the production of this device seems to be false. It stated that Apple has stopped working on the foldable device because of screen issues and unsatisfactory results.

But from the current news sources, Apple still seems to be determined to make this product available soon.

Currently, we do not have any solid information about the specifications, price, or even the exact release date of the product. But we can assume it will be released alongside other similar products made by Samsung, Oppo, Google, etc.



Whether this new device is actually a phone or not is still unknown, but the large-screen display feature suggests it could be similar to an iPad.

The release date of the new foldable phone is still unknown, but it could possibly be released at the same time and go against upcoming similar products in 2025.

For the specifications, it will most likely have an OLED display along with top-notch hardware. This is just speculation based on what we’ve been seeing in other recent Apple products. As of now, Apple has not released any information about the specifications.

The price of the product is yet to be known. Though Apple products are usually priced a little on the higher side when compared to other company products, we believe they should be priced to be competitive, to go against other similar foldable devices.

Will you be adding this new device to your ecosystem? or will you be skipping on it? Share your thoughts and let us know in the comments below.

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